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Underwater Cities, Monuments; Noah's Flood Proof? ... Page 6

More Stuff Underwater that Shouldn't be There

By now it seems to me our point should have been made, to wit; there are megalithic structures built when according to the "materialists timeline" they shouldn’t be there at all, all over the world. At the time these structures were above water, there should not have been a civilization old enough to have built them.

A word of caution: their is a pretty robust Atlantis community out there who circulate there own stories of submerged cities and issue there own press releases. Those releases can be picked up as fact and are endlessly repeated. It's nice to have objective sources when possible.

(By the way, we're impressed that you've made it this far, what with more than a few complaints that the pages are too long:0)

(Photo:Dr Asher, an Atlantis stalwart, examining an urn she reportedly found in an underwater city off the coast of Spain) In some cases, structures found near current land masses could have been submerged due to purely local floods, but even in those cases, the problem remains; who built them? Certainly not the “primitive” peoples that the current time line claims were living in these locales.

For instance, in the Americas a short time ago men were not thought to have been here before 5,000 years ago. To date, scientists fight to try not to have the date pushed out beyond 15,000 years. Those people were not thought to have been responsible for these advanced structures.

On the other hand, the presumed megalithic structures off the coast of Cuba are 2,500 feet (1/2 mile) below the ocean. Other megalithic structures are being located miles from current shorelines. Here are a couple of shorts about even more anomalous finds deep in the ocean.

“In 1966, an oceanographic research expedition led by Dr. Robert J. Menzies of Duke University aboard the vessel Anton Brunn photographed what appeared to be carved rock columns under 6,000 feet of ocean in the Milne-Edward Deep, a depression that reaches a depth of 19,000 feet.

A cautious Dr. Menzies admitted that the discovery of what may be the ruins of an ancient city could be “one of the most exciting discoveries of this century, insofar as ruins go.

Some of the columns are half buried in mud while others stand upright. Many of them appear to have a kind of writing on them.””

...Source: Atlantis Rising by Brad Steiger

Another of the most amazing finds on the bottom of the Atlantic was reported by Captain Reyes Miraga's crew on the salvage ship Talia from Spain.

They video-taped miles of pillared temples, buildings, and statues and wide curving boulevards, with smaller avenues branching out from the center like spokes in a wheel, with majestic temples and pyramids.

Much of this city, as well as the city found off Spain by Dr. Maxine Asher's expedition and later by Professor Akayonove's expedition (all photographed), show a startling similarity to Plato's description of Atlantis!

“In January 1967, the Aluminaut the world’s deepest diving submarine,(of that time) discovered an undersea “road” off the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, which extends to depths of 3000 feet and is paved with a layer of magnesium oxide. (cement is a powder made from a combination of alumina, silica, lime, iron oxide and magnesium oxide that have been burned together in a kiln.)

Click and drag photo to resize. Script from The Java Script Source Arthur L. Market owner of the sub reported that currents kept the road swept clean so that it looked like a blacktop and that they had attached wheels to the Aluminaut and it was able to roll along the road.”.. Atlantis Rising, By Brad Steiger

What technology could build a long blacktop paved road for hundreds of miles that was still in good condition over 10,000 years later!

"In 1973 a U.S. deep sea submersible craft photographed Roman Columns that seemed part of a temple structure at the bottom of one of the deepest parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Click and drag photo to on the right to resize.Photo: Roman, Greek and Egyptian-style Columns 6000 Feet Under The Sea!

Rather than ending up in some scientific journal or being debated on a university campus, the photo was published in an obscure book about the supposed lost continent of Atlantis.

While the photo may have certainly served the purpose of the book’s author, would it not have served history and archeology even more if published and debated in those circles?"..Source Unexplained:News


When Soviet oceanographers examined their underwater photos taken of the Ampere Seamount, they discovered what seemed to be walls, stairways, and other artificial stonework.

The Ampere Seamount is 450 miles west of Gibraltar, just the area where Plato placed Atlantis!

(Anonymous; "Undersea Discovery May Be Atlantis," Baltimore Sun, April 5, 1981. AP item.)

From Science Frontiers #15, Spring 1981. © 1981-2000 William R. Corliss

Ancient Megalithic Temple discovered underwater

Discovery of the island Malta linked to Noah`s Flood? (author)

An archaeological discovery with far-reaching implications was announced in Augsburg/Germany by Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair, a German business-man and part-time archaeologist, at a meeting of the Augsburg Paleo Astronaut Association on 17. August 1999.

Malta, a rocky island situated in the Mediterranean between the tip of Italy and the coast of Africa had posed an archaeological enigma since the unearthing, earlier this century, of a series of megalithic structures older than any other in Europe. According to some studies the " temples " may be as old as 3500 B.C.

The discovery of one more such " temples " under water poses an even larger puzzle and may indicate a much, much erlier date for these complex and large structures, built with gigantic stones and aligned with the solstices, equinoxes or both.

Dr. Zeitlmair`s search was inspired by the publications of Zecharia Sitchin, a linguist and recognized scholar, in his The Earth Chronicles series about the origin and extreme antiquity of ancient civilizations, and especially his book, "When Time Began", in which he attributed the world`s megalithic structures to Devine Architects.

Based on these writings and because the known above-ground temples in Malta and its sister-island Gozo are built in pairs- Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair concluded that there ought to be one more undiscovered such structure, that it might be by now off the coast and underwater occurred by to him almost three years ago.

Description of Underwater Discovery

Photo: A Temple Archway. Click and drag to resize

In his presentation Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair revealed that the temple sits on an underwater ridge about 900 x 500 meters long. The highest point, a plateau, is 19 meters below sea level, the basic diameter is about 450 meters. The temple itself will be found about 8 meters below sea level.

The structure itself shows the same characteristics as the other above ground temples in Malta. Gigantic stone blocks aligned with astronomical significance thought to be used as a calendar. The basic diameter of the interior rooms are 6 - 7 meters and some of the highest walls that are still standing are 4 - 5 meters high.

There is an avenue that goes up the center of the structure, crossing the kidney-like formed rooms indicating an orientation to an easterly direction, which would coincide with the rising sun ( equinoxes and the winter solstices ). The main difference is --- this structure is underwater.

Destroyed by Noah`s Flood ??

Since the structure, as the other`s in Malta, had to be first built on solid ground its present underwater could result from either the sinking ( due to earthquakes ? ) of coastal parts of the islands or from a marked rise in the sea level ( due to an immense flooding ).

Dr. Zeitlmair adheres to the second possibilithy and wonders whether the cause was the Great Flood described in the Bible and in the lore of many ancient peoples, the so called Noah`s Flood.

He is inclined to this explanation because the west side wall of the structure is more overgrown by sea grass than the east side wall, apparently because there was more sand deposited on that side. Therefore, the stones on the east side are mostly free of sea grass.

This could indicate that the destructive water flow came from the west into the Mediterranean Sea, adding confirmation to theories that the water broke through the Strait of Gibraltar, filling the Mediterranean basin.

A couple of big stones were lifted up and dropped down in a valley below, apparently by the destructive water flow.

This story and its remainder, along with much more can be found here: Malta

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