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Chinese Pyramid Complex Rivals/Mirrors Giza Complex....Page 23

Chinese Pyramid Complex Near Taiyuan Space Center

Here at, we don't know what to make of the previously obscure Chinese Pyramid Complex shown below in an Ikonos Satellite photo. When were they built? Why were they built? Why was the pyramid the "shape du jour" for many ancient cultures around the world? Why the similarities between the layouts of the Giza and Taiyuan complexes? Why have the Chinese been so secretive about these approximately 100 pyramids? Dr. Clifford Paiva has an idea which he outlines below from an e-mail note but obviously, you can draw your own conclusions. We are not certain that the two satellite photos shown were taken from the same height.

1. It is apparent from Chapter IV; Section II of the Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, that the “tower” being constructed in Shinar was in fact a means of surviving another world inundation from God; therefore a global system of refuge from another flood was required…at least so says Nimrod. Hence the need for Nimrod’s cities of least I term it this way. Nimrod City Far West (Central America)…Mexico’s pyramids (towers) will be included later.

Left, Giza Complex, Right, Pyramid Complex near Taiyuan Space Center in Shanxi Province.
There are nearly 70 pyramids shown here at the Chinese site. Click and drag photo to resize.

2. These cities were constructed in nearly the same general time frame, and for the same reasons as outlined in Josephus. Nimrod wasn’t a complete idiot. He wasn’t attempting to reach Heaven…merely to survive another one of the Lord’s bad days…so to speak.

Nimrod maintained that God was really a nice person…at least most of the time. Folks down here (Earth) must however always be ready when He became somewhat out of sorts concerning Man. In other words although He said He wouldn’t flood the world again, are you willing to bet your life of this crucial element of faith? Best build and be safe.

4. What never really occurred to Nimrod in the midst of all this building is that all this energy is really wasted if God did in fact mean what He said concerning His decision never to flood the world again.

5. On a more serious note: the history of the world and mankind on this earth is in complete error.

6. (Hope Nimrod’s global pyramid refuge system is also fire-proof).
Cliff Paiva BSM Associates

Pyramids Previously Reported by American Pilot

Following the end of World War II, one of the first newspapers to break the story in the United States was the Rocky Mountain News. In a news item published March 31, 1947, it carried a close-up picture of a large pyramid photographed by aviator Maurice Sheahan, Far Eastern director of Trans-world Airlines, with accompanying text:

Chinese Pyramid. Click and drag photo to resize.

The giant pyramid reported discovered by an American aviator flying over Shensi Province in China is in a land of pyramids, the heart of ancient Chinese civilization.

If the pyramid is located by exploring parties on the ground, it probably will never rival the famous pyramids of Egypt as a tourist sight. The Chinese pyramids of that region are built of mud and dirt and are more like mounds than the pyramids of Egypt, and the region is little traveled.

American scientists who have been in the area suggest that the height of 1000 feet, more than twice as high as any of the Egyptian pyramids, may have been exaggerated, because most of the Chinese mounds of that area are built relatively low.

The location, reported 40 miles southwest of Sian, is in an area of great archaeological importance, but few of the pyramids have ever been explored.

Scientists who have sought to excavate in the region have had difficulties with the local authorities. Like the pyramids of Egypt, it is expected that the mounds of this area have been looted for centuries by the natives. Pyramids, such as the one reported by the American flier, are the tombs of ancient peoples, with the biggest pyramids containing numerous artefacts.

In the same area but east of the tombs of the kings or em- Sian, ancient capital of several Chinese dynasties, is the pyramid believed to be the tomb of Ch’in Shih Huang-ti, the emperor who built the Great Wall of China some 2200 years ago.

Best estimates are that the newly "discovered" pyramid is at least 2000 years old. Source:Far Shores

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