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God Rocks! Re: The Grand Canyon: A Different View

Harper's Magazine

The following was culled from articles in Grand Canyon: a Different View, edited by Tom Vail and published by Master Books last year.

Last summer the National Park Service approved the book, which presents a creationist view of the formation of the Grand Canyon, for sale in park bookstores and gift shops. In July three bronze plaques bearing biblical verses were reinstated to public viewing areas on the Canyon?s South Rim, despite advice from the Interior Department that such religious displays violate the First Amendment.

Last fall the National Park Service blocked the publication of a memo for park rangers noting that creationism lacked any scientific basis. Originally from Harper's Magazine, April 2004.

The Grand Canyon is an awesome display of God?s creation and a place to find and explore the wonders of His creation. If we visit the Canyon, or read the prevailing interpretive literature about it, we will find that the views presented are predominantly based on evolutionary theories. These theories tend to deny God?s involvement and often His very existence.

When viewed from a biblical perspective, however, the Canyon has ?God? written all over it. Not only is the Canyon a testimony to creation but it also presents evidence of God?s judgment of a world broken by the sin of man, known as ?the Fall,? as told in the book of Genesis.

Based on the lineages laid out in the Bible, God created the heavens and earth and everything in them in six literal days about 6,000 years ago.

Contrary to what is widely believed, radioactive dating has not proven the rocks of the Grand Canyon to be millions of years old. The vast majority of the sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon were deposited as the result of a global flood that occurred after and as a result of the initial sin that took place in the Garden of Eden.

As the great post-Flood continents and mountains began to rise from the waters of a global deluge (Genesis 8:3‒5), a huge chasm was formed that is now the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

Inland waters, rushing down to the newly deepened ocean basin, rapidly excavated the 5,000-foot-deep layers of mud, silt, and sand that had been deposited during the year of the Flood. And the fossils found in the rock layers are remnants of the plants and animals that perished in the Flood.

Many in the secular and Christian worlds have claimed that the Flood described in the Bible was just a local event (or even myth). However, the God of the Bible made a covenant between Himself and the earth.

He promised that whenever a rainbow appeared, it would be a reminder that He would never again bring such a flood on the earth. If Noah?s flood was just a local event, then it means that God breaks His promise every time a flood occurs somewhere on earth.

In the book of Joshua, from the Old Testament, the Lord commanded Joshua to build a memorial of twelve stones to remind fathers to teach their children what the Lord had done.

The ?stones? of the Grand Canyon are also a memorial, a memorial placed there by God to remind fathers to teach their children what He has done?that as a result of sin He judged the earth with a global Flood.

The canyon is a grand cathedral, carved in the rocks by water that has eroded, fluted, and polished the walls into shapes fitting for a cathedral. Nowhere else on earth is there such compelling evidence of a young earth that was inundated by a global Flood.

Fossils tell a story, but the story we ?read? depends on the ?glasses? we are wearing when we do the examination.

If we wear our evolutionary glasses, we will get one story. But if we have on our biblical glasses, which allow us to see biblical truth, we will get a very different story.

So what kind of story do fossils tell and why is it significant? The first and most significant issue is that fossils represent death!

With our biblical glasses on, death comes into the world as the result of man?s sin against God. If fossils are in layers millions of years old, then how do we account for all the death, disease, and destruction found in the fossil record if those fossils were formed before the Fall?

Genesis 3:18 says that thorns and thistles were a direct consequence of sin. How do we account for the fossils of thorns found deep within the geologic record if they are a result of man?s sin?

If God declared the world very good, which He did at the end of the creation week, could that have included such things as cancer and arthritis, which we also find in the fossil record?

As Dr. Duane Gish?s book title says, Evolution: The Fossils STILL Say No!

As you travel through the Canyon, you will at some point reach bedrock, that hard layer where you can go down no farther. Your travel through life is much the same?at some point the only way is to look up.

Some may question using the Bible as a science and/or history book. But who better to write the instruction manual on the life and history of the universe than God? He created it all!

Unlike secular geologists, creationist geologists don?t need to speculate about history, because we accept the eyewitness accounts preserved in a reliable written record?the Bible.

Man?s theories continually change as more scientific ?facts? come to light. Yet God has never had to revise His book, because in it there are no mistakes. You can trust God?s Word.

This is God Rocks!, a reading, originally from April 2004, published Thursday, July 1, 2004. It is part of Education, which is part of Readings, which is part of

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