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There Were Giants in Those Days Page 7

Giant Human Thumb Bone

Click and drag photo to resize. Script from The Java Script Source

Human fossils are rare because of all the special conditions needed for fossilization.

Usually, only the very hard bones and teeth are preserved. Click and drag photo to resize.

On the left is a photo of a human thumb bone, called the Proxima Phalanx and which is the joint below the joint containing the thumbnail. Note that the size of this particular phalanx bone is at least twice the length of the gentleman's holding the fossil.

An x-ray of a typical man's hand and the position of the bone in question is shown on the right. Just to make sure that we are clear, the bone joint in the photo is the middle joint of the thumb only. You can do your own math as to the possible size of the owner of the fossil thumb in life.

This photo appears on the cover of a book by Jim Pinkoski called “The True Genesis Story of Creation. A Presentation of Ron Wyatt’s Material”, Copyright 1992 by Ron Wyatt. Used by permission.

Ron Wyatt has a website covering his material and his work at

Jim Pinkoski who worked alongside Ron Wyatt has a website located at

Ancient American Giants
Scientific American
August 14, 1880 Page 106

Click and drag photo to resize. The Rev. Stephen Bowers notes, in the Kansas City Review of Science, the opening of an interesting mound in Brush Creek Township, Ohio. The mound was opened by the Historical Society of the township, under the immediate supervision of Dr. J.F. Everhart, of Zanesville.

It measured sixty-four by thirty-five feet at the summit, gradually sloping in every direction and was eight feet in height. There was found in it a sort of clay coffin including the skeleton of a woman measuring eight feet in length.

Within this coffin was found also the skeleton of a child about three and a half feet in length and an image that crumbled when exposed to the atmosphere.

In another grave was found the skeleton of a man and a woman, the former measuring nine and the latter eight feet in length. In a third grave occurred two other skeletons, male and female, measuring respectively nine feet four inches and eight feet.

Seven other skeletons were found in the mound, the smallest of which measured eight feet, while others reached the enormous length of ten feet.

They were buried singly, or each in separate graves. Resting against one of the coffins was an engraved stone tablet (now in Cincinnati) from the characters on which Dr. Everhart and Mr. Bowers are led to conclude that this giant race were sun worshippers.

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