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There Were Giants in Those Days Page 5

Giant Tales

A Kentucky Cave Story

Louisville-Courier-Journal Columbia, Kentucky
January 30, 1876
Reprinted in a Story by Wayne May
in Ancient American

EXCERPT:"...But, itís not the things that we naturally expect to find in caves that we wish to mention particularly, but the curios remains that were discovered therein.

In the northeast corner of the first gallery, (for there are five, which we will speak of) about five feet from the ground, they noticed some strange characters or hieroglyphics neatly carved in the wall, which, upon close examination, proved to be the head-rock of a vault.

A few minutes prying served to loosen this and disclose to view the interior of an enclosure in the solid rock of about five by ten feet, which contained the remains of three skeletons, which measure eight feet seven and a half inches, eight feet five inches and eight feet four an three quarter inches in length respectively.

The heads were lying toward the east, each body parallel to the other. Beside them lay three huge (what looked to be) swords, but they were so decayed that upon being touched they crumbled to dust."....

Source: Ancient American #45

Shenandoah (Pa.) Evening Herald, August 1911:


A remarkable specimen of the "carboniferous era" has just been unearthed at a depth of fifteeen hundred feet in the underground workings of the Ellengowan colliery of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company.

(Photo:Breaker Boys, Shenandoah, Penn)

The specimen is very beautiful and is highly prized by Inside Foreman Gwillym Jones who retained it as a curio. Miners at the face of one of the blasts discovered a large piece of slate with impressions of leaves and ferns deeply imbedded therein.

The surface covered by these markings was five feet in length and of nearly the same width. After considerable labor, in which care was taken that the piece might be take out in its entirely, the workmen succeeded in their task.

Several small pieces only were broken from the formation which was presented to those who took the slate from its natural bed.

Quite a number of curios have already been taken from these workings. Several years ago a bunch of grapes, almost perfectly formed, was taken from this colliery. A trunk of a tree and a portion of a petrified snake were also found.

One of the most interesting finds was that in which was perfectly formed the outlines of a human leg and, judging from the size, the owner of the member must have been a giant in stature.

A number of these finds are on exhibition at the offices of Division Superintendent McDonald and Inside Foreman Jones. They are objects of much curiosity.

There are several things of interest in this story besides the alledged giant, fossil man. There should not have been bones of a man-or even a dinosaur of any size in coal deposits.


Hazleton Penn. Sentinel, August 1881

(Photo:Coal miners pose for a photograph just before descending into a mine in Hazelton, in eastern Pennsylvania.)

About three miles from Ashley, a Mr. McCauley has the contract from the Wilkes-Barre Coal & Iron Co. for sinking a coal shaft.

It is twenty feet square and is intended to have two tracks for carriages to run in hoisting up the coal, and is said to be the largest opening of the kind in the coal regions.

It is located near the base of the mountain and has reached a depth of 475 feet.

Saturday last, when the gang, or what is known as the second shift of men, were about retiring, after firing off a course of holes, Tom Cassidy, the foreman, descended the shaft to ascertain the result of the explosion, and was astonished to find an immense cavity in one of the sides of the shaft.

The explosion appeared to have a terrible effect and caused more damage than benefit on one side, but his astonishment was still greater increased on clearing away some of the refuse of the rock blown by the shots to discover a solid mass of rock in which appears a clearly-defined human shape of giant proportions.

All the limbs, muscles and linaments are apparent. The rock is about 16 feet in length, 18 in breadth, and about 8 in thickness. The dimensions of the human frame are giantly, measuring 12 feet in length and 4 feet across the chest.

Across the breast is the impression of a huge shield, about four feet in circumference, while the right hand clutches the broken and butt end of a large cutlass or sword.

The rock was taken out whole and is now in possession of Mr. McCauley in Ashley.

Source:Newspapers cited above. Articles provided by

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