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Dinosaurs in Art: From Bird to Dinosaur; The Chinese Sauropod; Euhelopus . ...Page 42

Euhelopus. Location: China This long-necked sauropod plant-eater from China was the first of these types of dinosaurs to be discovered in that country, back in 1929.

The entire front portion of the skeleton, including the skull, was found in tact, so scientists know almost exactly what this creature looked like. Its nose was located on top of its head and in front of its eyes, a feature seen in sauropods like Brachiosaurus and Camarasaurus.


Two Hours Later in another lecture: This piece is a Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.-906 A.D.)nephrite jade finial in the shape of a bird's head. It was probably used as a handle for a knife or other such implement.

There is a bit of calcification on the jade, but it is an exquisite piece. It's in a private collection; if you've got $,5,500 to spend you should pick it up.

Hmmmmmmmm! Yes, it could--be a bird; a featherless bird. Weird, but it reminds me a bit of a sauropod dinosaur. Where's that sauro skull chart..?

Mr. Brown! Mr. Brown. Can I help you! Being the A.V. guy doesn't mean you get to choose the slides we put up!

Check this out Professor Donkins! Euhelopus didn't go extinct millions of years ago. See, this jade piece is from the Tang Dynasty-about 1200 to 1400 years ago. Plus some woman saw one in Malaysia 30 years ago!

This ain't a bird, its a perfect dinosaur head. Look at the sauro skull chart! Look at how perfectly the skull fits-and it looks just like one! A Euhelopus, I mean--which is from China-just like the piece!

Pause. Mr. Brown. That's extraordinary! Somehow, you got your peanut butter on my chocolate. --And it's fabulous! --

As for the "dinosaur", Mr. Brown; are you high on sugar or just on life? Clearly, that's a bird, o.k.? Now get off my projector!

The Euhelopus, or related sauropod. Click and drag photo to resize.

Euhelopus; Souce:

One of the big plant-eating dinosaurs similar to Camarasaurus, Euhelopus, or "good marsh foot," had a longer neck and nose. Like Camarasaurus, it had strong teeth that grew around its jaws.

Other dinosaurs of this type had teeth growing only in front. Euhelopus had large nostrils on top of its head. Because of this, some scientists think it had a long trunk. That would have made it look very strange.

Photo: Animated gif of Euhelopus skull over head of Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.-906 A.D.)jade finial.

Both Camarasaurus and Euhelopus were camarasaurid (chambered lizard) dinosaurs, with hollow chambers in the backbone.

Euhelopus was a little slimmer than Camarasaurus, but large members of the family may have weighed as much as 24 tons. The biggest could have been up to 50 feet in length - without trunk. From fossil remains, scientists believed they were at home in marshy land at the bank of muddy rivers or in swamps.

They would have been safer there than on dry or wooded land where big flesh eater roamed.

Location: Shandong, People's Republic of China
Size: Length- 50 feet (15m)
Classification: Family-Camarasauridae
Time: Late Jurassic

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