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Dinosaurs in Literature, Art & History

Fang Jian Sauropod; Late Eastern Zhou Period
(Third Century B. C.)... Page 32

The Fang Jian Sauropod data is interesting. Of specific interest is the three-toed claw which fits rather well with Mokele-Memembe observations, and of course the paleontology record.

This work arises from ongoing research in establishing a general movement from the Caucasus area toward Asia, across the Pacific and to Mesoamerica and North America.

Specifically the step or maze spiral in Chinese art correlated to Mayan and Aztec work.

Clifford A. Paiva, M.S.
Imaging Physicist, BSM Associates

Source: The Great Bonze Age of China:(1980)
An Exhibition from the People's Republic of China
Editor: Wen Fong
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Plate 75; page 285

Late Eastern Zhou Sauropod (Fang Jian) Ornamental box.
Click and drag photo to resize.

Sauropod detail. Click and drag photo to resize.

Left, Comparison of Jian Fang Head with another Sauropod Head.

Sauropod Head and neck detail. Click and drag photo to resize.

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